Brave & Beautiful

Director Rino Stefano Tagliafierro has created a masterpiece full of masterpieces. By adding motion to images we’ve seen since we were kids, the art takes on a whole different perspective. Simply put, this video is stunning to watch. Bravo Rino, bravo!

Scarecrows & Burritos

We have to give major props to Chipotle Grill and Moonbot Studios for their short film revealing the dark side of the industrial revolution’s impact on food manufacturing. Not only was it strategically spot on, but the concept was so well imagined and executed. Check out the film and then download the app and play […]

The Record Breaker

When we were kids, before the internet was widely used by bored people surfing useless but fascinating facts, we would check out the annual “Guinness Book of World Records” from our public library. With one part awe, one part fascination and one part “WTF”, we would study the books for hours looking at all the mighty […]

One Social World

We really dig when people do insightful things that positively unify our society. Last week, Thomas Jullien did just that when he released “An Instagram Short Film”. This video takes you on a journey that was travelled by 850 Instagram users all around the globe. The experience highlights each persons unique perspective on the world, […]

RC Helicopter on Steroids

It’s true, our team can definitely geek out over cool techie devices. Especially when they can help us achieve a different perspective on creativity. The new DJI Phantom helicopter with a GoPro mounted to it can do just that. We liked it so much, we bought two! Check out these links that show the DJI […]